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State GOP Maps Out Plan For Fall

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September 2, 2014

We continue our election season kickoff with State GOP Chair Tim Berry.  It was an exciting Friday for politics with state Treasurer Richard Mourdock stepping down and Rep. Eric Turner being asked to leave his leadership post in the House. We’ll ask about the potential impact on the fall campaigns.

More companies want to be a part of Indiana’s Healthcare exchanges, under the Affordable Care Act. We find out what that means for consumers in the program’s second year.

We also dive deep into Indiana receiving another one year waiver to the No Child Left Behind law.

And there is a meeting tomorrow in Valpo about the state’s plan for getting into the eat-local movement, with food hubs.
Guests include:

Tim Berry, State GOP Chair

JK Wall Indianapolis Business Journal

Scott Elliot, reporter and editor

Ted McKinney, Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director


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