State Dept. of Education Drafts Final Academic Standards

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April 15, 2014 — The Department of Education (DOE) and Center for Education and Career Innovation (CECI) today released the final draft of proposed academic standards for Math and English/Language Arts that will guide Hoosier teachers as they create lesson plans. Staff and educators, in a collaborative effort, have­ invested more than 6000 hours across the state in crafting standards, with a goal of identifying the standards most closely aligned with the skills Hoosier students for success in college and career.

The process began last fall with DOE’s technical and advisory teams reviewing the previous standards, and has included more than 150 Hoosier educators, higher education experts and members of the business community. The state received more than 2000 public comments and conducted three public hearings, in addition to receiving feedback from 10 national evaluators whose reports were shared with Hoosier panel members.

A newly established College and Career Ready Panel brought together subject matter experts from the higher education community as well as business and industry representatives to review the proposed drafts. National evaluators also contributed to the CCR panel dialogue, via written reports submitted with their reviews and suggestions.

The standards are posted online at In addition, the public comments, national evaluator reports, and supportive fact sheets can also be found online.

Source: Center for Education & Career Innovation


2014 Proposed Indiana Academic Standards Fact Sheet: IAS Fact Sheet


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