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State Debates The Merits of Camp Summit

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Sept. 9, 2014

Last week we looked at the state’s decision to close its only boot camp for juvenile offenders. The governor’s office has since announced Camp Summit in LaPorte County will remain open for now. We’ll talk to a critic of the original decision, House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath and later delve into the rise and slow collapse  of the boot camp movement nationwide.

A new coalition is looking at how communities in Indiana need to change to meet the needs of a growing elderly population.

We also look at why more parents are choosing to home school their children.

Guests include:

Scott Pelath, Indiana House Minority leader

Marie Beason Coalition member and the director of Special Initiatives at the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

John Marron, a Policy Analyst at the Indiana University Public Policy Institute

Tara Bentley, on the board of directors for the Indiana Association of Home Educators


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