“Spread The Love” Seeks PB&J For Region Kids

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August 12, 2013 — A group of local credit unions is working with the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana to collect jars of peanut butter and jelly, to be able to make sure that school-age youngsters get enough to eat for lunch each day.  The Lakeshore’s Chris Nolte reports.

The “Spread the Love” campaign is underway thru August 31st.  Credit unions like the IBEW Local 697 Federal Credit Union are joining other credit unions across Lake and Porter Counties.  Dan Simon of the Local 697 Credit Union says that their goal is to collect three-thousand jars of P-B-and-J….and their collection efforts are paying off….

“A lot of feedback from our members, a lot of feedback from our local leaders, so it’s really good.  They’re really happy that we’re involved, and with other credit unions in the Region.”

Simon says more information is available online about “Spread the Love” and where to drop off the jars….

“We have information on our Web site and the other credit unions, the Food Bank’s Web site and their Facebook page which lists all the credit unions involved, and there are boxes in the lobbies of each credit union where you can drop off any many items as you can.”

..and the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana will make sure that the peanut butter and jelly makes it onto the shelves of local food pantries, shelters, day care centers, and soup kitchens.  Chris Nolte, Lakeshore News.


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