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South Shore Train Arrests

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June 5, 2013 — Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District Transit Police Chief Robert Byrd says NICTD police arrested two area men for their behavior on board a South Shore train.

He says they were arrested Tuesday night, “after they became so disruptive on a South Shore train that passengers had to move to other train cars to escape their disorderly behavior.”

Byrd says 22-year-old Gregory Clark II of Munster and 22-year-old Paul Thompson of Valparaiso were in custody at the Lake County Jail and charged by the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office with Intoxication Upon a Common Carrier.

NICTD information shows that Transit Police officers Jason Greene and Burt Sanders went to the East Chicago South Shore Station at 9:26 PM “after a conductor reported two intoxicated men using profane language and frightening other passengers. Clark and Thompson were removed from the train, argued and used profanity towards the police, and were taken into custody.”

Byrd says an ambulance was called for a woman, who was with one of the two men, after she fell and began to convulse yet, “Medics obtained a non-transport release from the woman after she recovered from her convulsing and refused medical treatment. The woman found other means of transportation since Clark and Thompson were under arrest.”


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