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South Bend Looks To Take Down 1,000 Homes In 1,000 Days

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April 2, 2014

We get the latest post-deadline numbers on the Affordable Care Act in Indiana.

We’ll also look at a program in South Bend to Rehabilitate or demolish 1,000 homes in 1,000 days and see how that program might work in the Region.

We’ll have two views on the so-called school to prison pipeline.  Are our schools setting up some students for a life of crime?

And Lake Michigan water levels are on the rise this year after a long-icy winter, but will that now be the long-term trend. A group of Michigan researchers have just embarked on a study to determine how the people of the Great Lakes will have to adapt long-term to changing water levels.
Guests include:

HealthLinc Community Health Center CEO Beth Wrobel

John Callewaert, Ph.D., Integrated Assessment Program Director, Graham Sustainability Institute

University of Michigan

Monica Solinas-Saunders Northwest Assistant Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs,

Ken Patrick Barry, Director City of Gary Youth Services Bureau

Mark Neal, deputy Mayor South Bend



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