Soundscape Recording Project Set for Earth Day

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April 21, 2014—A Purdue University ecologist is asking people around the globe to celebrate Earth Day by recording soundscapes-the natural sounds of the world around us. Bryan Pijanowski is hoping to turn April 22, 2014 into Global Soundscapes Day, with an ambitious goal of recording one million natural sound recordings. The event is designed to highlight the research potential soundscapes provide, and increase awareness among students about careers in sound research.

“We hope to use these collected soundscapes from Earth Day 2014 to change the sound of public spaces, hospitals and other venues,” said Pijanowski, “replacing them with sounds that make us feel good, sounds that are peaceful and restful.”

The recordings can be made with a variety of gear, including mobile devices. Pijanowski and his team developed several applications for soundscape recordings and research which can be downloaded free from the Apple iTunes or Google Play online stores.

People are encouraged to upload their recordings to the Global Soundscapes Day website, on Tuesday. Purdue has set aside 10 terabytes of storage for the natural soundscape files collected in a single, 24-hour period.

“The recordings on Global Soundscapes Day will be stored at a Purdue database and geo-referenced so people can then listen to everyone’s soundscape over the Web.” said Pijanowski. “People also have the option of taking pictures of the soundscapes or landscapes.”

The Global Soundscapes website currently holds an existing library of 500,000 natural soundscape recordings from sites in Indiana, Costa Rica and elsewhere available for listening and research.


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