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Smoking 50 Years After The Surgeon Generals Report

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January 23, 2013

Host Steve Walsh looks at last night’s vote in the Indiana House Elections Committee on the same sex marriage ban.

Also, 50 years after the first Surgeon General’s report on the dangers of smoking, we look at how attitudes have changed and why the number of people quitting has started to decline in the US and in Indiana. The state has gotten some low marks in the last couple days.

We’ll also start our look at how this year’s political races are shaping up around Indiana with John Zody, head of the State Democratic Party.

Guests include:

John Zody, Executive Director of the Indiana Democratic Party

Dan Carden, Times of Northwest Indiana

Thomas Carr National Public Policy Director for the American Lung Association

Dr. Stephen J. Jay, Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Indiana University School of Medicine



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