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Shoppers Return Some Items, Look for Deals

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December 26, 2013 by Denise Turner

Now that Christmas is past, shoppers are going to stores to return and exchange gifts that did not quite meet expectations.

Jessica Rico is exchanging make-up her mom bought her for Christmas, “I feel like people should always come back and get something they actually want.  I know it’s the thought that matters, but if you don’t really like it, then you should be able to return it.”

Malls across Northwest Indiana are filled with shoppers exchanging and returning gifts they received for Christmas.  Southlake Mall JCPenney Women’s Department Supervisor Cheryl Moore says, “A lot of times you get gifts that don’t fit, they are not the right color for you. so they are coming in and doing exchanges, getting something that’s more their type of stuff that they like.”

The Better Business Bureau says every store has its own return policy in order to help minimize billions of dollars in lost revenue each year due to fraudulent returns.  For example, Moore says JCPenney will accept all of its sold merchandise, “There is no time limit except for fine jewelry which is 60 days, but pretty much if you have your receipt, and even without the receipt, you can still return it.”

Retail analysts say post-Christmas deals are better this year because of the slow shopping season.  Retailers are hoping to make-up for lower-than-expected holiday shopping by offering customers discounts,  Shopper Darla Stewart says discounts got her to a store, “A lot of the stores are giving, like, if you buy $25, you get $10 dollars off, so I’m buying like a lot of sale things to get as much as I can for the price.”

Moore says JCPenney customers also can take advantage of clearance items and redeem those gift cards usually stuffed in stockings and gift bags.

Shopper Cari Knip says, “I got a gift card for JCPenney, and I was going to browse the store and maybe see if I can find swimsuits since they probably are on clearance.”

Retailers advise customers with return items to keep receipts, check return policies, and allow enough time to return the items.


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