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Shootings Active In Gary This Month

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July 19, 2013 — With seven recorded murders in the past two weeks, lethal criminal violence is leaving more victims in Gary, including the City’s 29th homicide victim this year.

Gary police say more shootings Thursday involve fights and an attempted sexual attack of a girl, leaving four people shot and two assaulted. Gary Police Corporal Gabrielle King shared the following public safety information:

“On July 18, 2013, at approximately 3:50 pm 24 year old Prince Steele, and 21 year old Lacaro Delgado-Gonzalez, were in the basement of a house in the 4600 block of Harrison Street when they heard the 15 year old resident scream get off me. They ran upstairs to check on the 15 year old and she advised them that 33 year old Baptiste Haywood tried to rape her. Steele and Delgado-Gonzalez got into an argument and fight with Haywood who pulled out a gun and fired it several times at them striking both Steele and Delgado-Gonzalez multiple times. Officers located Haywood who also had been shot all three men were transported to the emergency room for treatment for their injuries. Haywood was placed under arrest and faces charges of Sexual Battery and Attempted Murder, two counts. Detective James Bond has been assigned this case and can be reached at 219-881-7300 Ext. 3018

On July 18, 2013, at approximately 9:25 pm 27 year old Joshua McCoy, states he and his friend went to the gas station on 17th and Harrison Street. When he got out of the car he was approached by several subjects. Then one subject approached him while the others argued with his friend, who had driven to the gas station. The unknown subject swung at McCoy, but he missed, then he swung again striking McCoy in the nose, McCoy then got back in the car and tried to pull his friend back in the car when one of the subjects pulled out a gun fired one time and it struck McCoy, who was then transported to the emergency room for treatment for his injuries, by private auto.”


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