Sexual Assault Bill Up For House Review Monday

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February 17, 2014 — A piece of legislation that nearly died in the first half of the General Assembly has been revived and could go before the full House later today.  The Lakeshore’s Sarah Holst reports…

A proposal aimed at addressing sexual assault in Indiana was revived last week after it failed to pass during the first half of the legislative session. The legislation, authored by Representative Christina Hale of Indianapolis, calls for an extensive study of Indiana’s high rate of sexual assault.

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control, statistics indicate that one in six girls in Indiana, or about 17 percent, are sexually assaulted before they graduate high school. The measure was added as an amendment to Senate Bill 227, an extension of current legislation commonly known as the lifeline bill which deals primarily with immunity for certain alcohol related offenses if the offender is assisting someone experiencing a medical emergency.

Hale says the study is designed to provide a better understanding of the problem while being efficient with our resources and effective. The amended bill containing Hale’s study was unanimously approved by a House committee and is scheduled for second reading today by the full House of representatives.


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