Setting The Right Tone For Your Newly Adopted Dog on “A Look at the Arts with Tom Lounges”

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Deer Run Animal Hospital’s Dr. FiiaJokela and trainer Liz Geisen guest on “A Look at the Arts with Tom Lounges” and chat about a new dog training tool – “A Sound Beginning” — that blends “the arts with the animals” and their upcoming seminar on Sunday, May 4thfrom 1-3pm to introduce the program to people who work, volunteer, and train at animal shelters and rescues around Chicagoland.

“The program helps increase the chances of successful adoptions and reduces the numbers of animals returned to shelters by the well-intentioned but frustrated people who adopt,” explained Dr. Jokela.

The Arts are represented by a newly written training book from dog trainer/authors Julie Dorsey-Oskera, PatriciaRattray and Rebecca Cann, and a 13-song CD of relaxing solo piano music performed by Lesley Spencer that when used together help dissolve stress for recently adopted dogs as they enter into their new homes and new life.

During their visit to Lakeshore Radio for this special segment, Dr. Jokela spoke of concern for a dog’s emotional and mental health as well as its physical health; while Geisen explained a wagging tail does not always mean a dog is happy and a yawn often means more than sleepiness.

The book’s co-authors Dorsey-Oskera and Rattray will join Dr. Jokela and Trainer Geisen in speaking to rescue and shelter workers during the May 4th seminar at Deer Run Animal Hospital.  For details about the seminar and how to attend: www.deerrunanimalhospital.com


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