Senate Budget Proposes $300 Million K – 12 Increase

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The Senate GOP budget proposed Thursday significantly increases Kindergarten through 12th grade education funding…but as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, Senate Democrats say it doesn’t do enough to help the state’s public schools:


The Senate budget contains more than three hundred million dollars in increases for K through 12 funding, a three percent boost over the next two years.  That’s in line with the House Republican budget proposal.  But Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane notes K-12 schools took a significant funding cut during the recession:

“Before we start talking about further tax cuts and some other things that are being considered in this budget, we think that that’s crucial that there be a full restoration of the 327 million dollars that was taken during the Daniels’ years.”

Senate Appropriations Chair Luke Kenley, the budget’s author, says he’s not interested in talking about restoration, which he calls ancient history:

“Everybody in Indiana and everybody in America took a hit when we went through that recession and so what I’m interested in is looking at the dollars that we have today and seeing how many more dollars we can add to that and getting a positive result out of the schools for that investment.”

The budget now heads to the Senate floor after the Appropriations Committee approved it Thursday.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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