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Senate Approves Gun Bill

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February 5, 2014 —

INDIANAPOLIS – People who knowingly give a felon a gun could face harsher penalties under a bill passed by the Senate on Tuesday.

The measure also applies to those that give a gun to someone ineligible for ownership or to someone who they know is going to commit a crime. The bill would make it a Level 4 or 5 offense (which would be a Class C felony under the previous classification system). If the firearm is used in a murder, it increases the felony to a Level 2 offense (or Class B).

The bill’s author, Sen. Michael Young, R- Indianapolis, said the bill would help decrease crime and would put a standard in place to discourage a third-party supply of firearms.

“We’re going to try to clamp down,” Young said, on the supply of handguns.

But Sen. Greg Taylor, D-Indianapolis, said the measure is “disturbing” because it is so ineffective.

“It’s not putting people in prison for a longer period of time; it’s about changing the mindset of people who use handguns,” Taylor said. “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.”

Taylor said the legislature’s history of cutting education funding has played a role in the amount of violent crime. He asked senators to vote no and “ make a statement that we’re going to do some real to change in the mindsets of our children.”

The bill passed 43-5 and now heads to the House floor for consideration.


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