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Season’s First Snow Leaves Most in LaPorte County

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November 12, 2013 — Tonight, parts of Porter and LaPorte Counties are covered in lake effect snow, and businesses are helping residents make this snowy season a safe one.

Where there is snow, drive slow.

That is the message the Laporte County Sheriff’s Office is telling motorists navigating slick streets.

Sheriff’s Office Major John Boyd says, “Slow down! The drivers have got to slow down. This weather is not conducive to driving fast, and if you are running late, slow down anyway. It’s better to get there safe than to get injured or injure someone else.”

In parts of Laporte County, one spotter saw snow piled up to nine inches high, according to the National Weather Service.

Boyd notes, “Today our snow was particularly treacherous because we got a lot of it in a short amount of time overnight, and the roadway froze, and then we got some snowpack on top of it, and the snow was heavy and a little slushy as well.”

ACE Hardware Kabelin store manager Trish James says sales are up, and the store stock of snow shovels is dropping, “All the thing people realized they needed this morning really bad with the first snow. Our sales were really up this morning and we’re seeing a lot of foot traffic.”

Though the National Weather Service says major snowfall is done for this weather system, the settled snow can still cause slippery sidewalks.

Getting snow gear like salt and ice scrapers now can help avoid rushing on slushy roads in the next snowfall.

By Hilary Powell


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