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Save The Dunes To Help Restore Last Remnants Of Indiana’s Once Plentiful Forests

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June 16, 2014

In many ways schools are on their own as they decide what to do with shuttered buildings. We look at the best way to close a school with a national expert who watched Milwaukee go through some of the same problems as Gary and East Chicago.

We look at a couple different local project to bring back part of Northwest Indiana’s fading natural areas.

One unfortunate signs of summer is the rising number of drowning on Lake Michigan. We’ll talk about it.

There are plans to save the Drive-in, which has been going through some tough times, though not quite as tough as you might think.


Guests include:

David Benjamin Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project

Steve Cotton , owner 49er Drive-in

Nicole Barker, executive director of Save the Dunes

Edward M. McMilin is the president of E. McMilin Planning Services LLC and former facilities planner for the Milwaukee Public Schools



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