“Save A Child” Gets Local Union’s Help

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October 31, 2014 — It only enriches a community when it comes together to benefit those whom it serves. And it is in this vein that IBEW Local 697 Electrical Professionals chose to partner with Indiana Parenting Institute to “Help A Parent. Save a Child.” by giving back.

Through a donation provided by IBEW Local 697 Electrical Professionals that funded a scholarship in their name, Valerie S. and her family were able to benefit from parenting classes and family assistance at IPI.

Valerie’s Story

Valerie is a single parent, who just turned 18 in May. She completed the 9th grade. She currently lives in her parents’ home with her 1 year old son. Her ex-boyfriend is suing her for primary custodianship of their son, so under the advice of her attorney, she decided to enroll in parenting classes.

When Valerie registered for IPI’s Birth2Eighteen Parenting Course, she was unemployed, stating she had no job skills. She doesn’t drive, so a friend would bring her to classes from East Chicago. In her determination to improve her and her son’s quality of life, she was never late for class nor did she miss any classes. And she actively participated in class, sharing her goals with, and even offering support and advice to, her fellow classmates.

In one class session, Valerie revealed she got a babysitting job. She said that although it wasn’t much, it was enough to get her back and forth to class, which made her feel independent. She now wants to get a driver’s license. And when the GED enrollment sheet was passed around, she put her name on the list.

Her long-term goals are to get a degree in nursing and to move out of her parent’s basement and get a place of her own for her and her son. She understands that she has a responsibility to her son, and watching her interact with him, IPI staff saw a happy, heathy toddler whose mommy now dotes on him.

Thank you IBEW Local 697 Electrical Professionals! This story of triumph could not have happened without your support.   If you would like to “Help a Parent. Save a Child.” with a scholarship donation, like the IBEW Local 697 Electrical Professionals have, please contact IPI at (219) 886-1111 or you may donate online: To learn more about how IPI serves our community, just visit

Source: Indiana Parenting Institute

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