Same-Sex Marriage Ruling To Draw More Debate

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Sometime in the next month, the U-S Supreme Court will rule on a pair of same-sex marriage cases, and shape the next step in a debate that‘s been evolving with unusual speed……

Until last year, no state had ever approved a gay-marriage referendum or voted down a gay-marriage ban. But in November, three states voted to allow same-sex marriage, and Minnesota rejected a ban. Just since the Supreme Court heard arguments on the issue in March, three more states, including Minnesota have legalized gay marriage. And 14 senators who previously opposed same-sex marriage, including Indiana‘s Joe Donnelly, have announced their support.

Donnelly suggests the rapid shift in public opinion is due in part to the 2011 repeal of the military‘s “don‘t ask/don‘t tell” rule. He suggests opposition began crumbling as people saw no adverse effects.

And Donnelly says people may be more cognizant of the distinction between civil marriage laws and sacramental marriage. He emphasizes no church would be forced to recognize or perform same-sex marriages.

Indiana‘s General Assembly put off a vote on a gay-marriage ban until next year to await the court ruling. Legislative approval in 2014 would place the issue before voters next fall.   Eric Berman, Network Indiana.



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