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Salvation Army Needs Red Kettles to Put Budget in Black

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December 20, 2013 — by Kristyn Estes & Jerry Howard

This time of year is traditionally a money-maker for the Salvation Army.  The ringing of bells and the bright red kettles are a standard fixture of the holiday season.  While the need for donations is increasing, the donations themselves are not for Salvation Army of Lake County.

Captain Rebecca Simmons is the Lake County Coordinator for the Salvation Army and she spoke with Lakeshore’s Kristyn Estes about this season’s fundraising challenges.

A stolen kettle with its cash is just one of the challenges for the organization that traditionally helps those families facing financial difficulties.

Salvation Army bell ringers have been opening doors for shoppers across Northwest Indiana.  The calendar lateness of Thanksgiving cuts the Christmas retail season, and its red kettle fundraising campaign, a week short this year, giving the campaign’s efforts less time this holiday season to meet its goal of more than $900,000 for a year-long operational budget.

Donation and other support information is available at:

Most red kettle locations end December 24, with select locations continuing into January.


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