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Ritz Talks About Public School Funding

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The state’s top education official tours the region following yesterday’s school funding referendums.  Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz visited Lake and Porter Counties Wednesday.   Ritz addressed members of the Professional Educators Partnership at Valparaiso University. After answering audience questions about teacher evaluations and student assessment… Ritz talked with the Lakeshore’s Sarah Holst about the results of this week’s school funding referendums.

Four local school districts sponsored tax referendums yesterday asking residents to give more funds to their schools. Voters in Munster and Union Township approved the additional tax… while referendums in Boone Township and Knox failed. Indiana’s school superintendent says in communities where the referendums did not pass… voters may simply be unaware of the issue.

Ritz – I think it’s about knowing what’s going on in our schools. It’s a matter of educating our public on great things going on and why public support is necessary for us to continue to do great things.

Funding was also on the minds of  educators at today’s event at V – U… and Ritz spoke about the effects of the growing number of charter schools.

Ritz – Doesn’t take rocket science math to figure out the pot for education is only so big, and the more schools you have in the pool the less money you’re all gonna get.

Ritz also talked about the expansion of school vouchers… which she has publicly opposed in the past.

Ritz – Vouchers take money away from the public school pot before you get your money.

The superintendent says she encourages the schools whose referendums did not pass to try again during the next election.  In the meantime… Ritz says she will help the schools in any way she can.

Ritz – We’re gonna embark on a new school improvement process and get supports in place so perhaps we can find funding in other ways even with community support.

Sarah Holst, Lakeshore News.



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