Retailers’ Group Wants Tougher Shoplifting Laws

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September 25, 2014 — Network Indiana — Indiana retailers are asking for tougher laws against a new breed of shoplifter.

Indiana Retail Council president Grant Monahan says stores are losing 30-billion dollars a year to organized groups of thieves who work together to heist merchandise in bulk. He says the term “shoplifting” doesn‘t really apply — he says while a typical shoplifter might steal an item for himself, organized theft rings are reselling items for profit, sometimes coming in with a shopping list.

Monahan wants legislators to create a new felony with tougher penalties, but Senate Criminal Law Chairman Mike Young (R-Indianapolis) says he doesn‘t want to clutter up state law with new crimes if it‘s not necessary.

He says staffers will double-check the wording, but says shoplifting gangs should fall under the existing law against racketeering. That law is the state version of the federal RICO law./  It targets any “criminal enterprise” which commits two or more organized acts of theft or more than 30 other crimes. A conviction carries up to six years in prison.


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