Midwest Beat with Tom Lounges

Resurrecting The Psychedelic Sixties with Peppy Castro of Blues Magoos

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This installment of  “MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges” originally aired on FEBRUARY 3, 2014


The core of what would become THE BLUES MAGOOS formed in 1964 when a couple of kids from The Bronx put together a band called The Trenchcoats.  By late 1965, the band’s founders — lead vocalist/guitarist PEPPY CASTRO and organist RALPH SCALA — changed their sound to psychedelic, added drummer GEOFF DAKING and changed their name to THE BLUES MAGOOS.

With their first hit single, “We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet”THE BLUES MAGOOS helped to spearhead the psychedelic music genre that would come to define the late 1960s rock sound.

In recent months the three original members recorded and released  — “PSYCHEDELIC RESSURRECTION” — the first all new BLUES MAGOOS studio album in 41 years.  And to  talk about the long strange 50 year trip it’s been from 1965 to now THE BLUES MAGOOS co-founder, guitarist and vocalist PEPPY CASTRO joined Tom Lounges on this edition of “Midwest BEAT.”

Tonight during the program, listeners had chances to call in and win a copy of  “Psychedelic Resurrection.”  Congrats to those who won!




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