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Repay Weighing Lake Income Tax Vote

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Lake County Commissioner Mike Repay told Regionally Speaking Host Steve Walsh that he is weighing  whether to vote for an option income tax, saying it will be”a game time decision.”

The Lake County Commissioners have scheduled a special meeting for 8:30 a.m. Friday to vote on the resolution. The Lake County Council has already voted to pass the tax by a four to three vote. If the commissioners veto the measure, the council would need at least five votes to override the veto.

Repay had been considered one of two no votes against the tax on the three member board. The former county councilman said during his 2012 campaign that he was against imposing the tax. He told the Lakeshore Thursday that  said he is now weighing whether it is proper to force the council into a second vote.

In 2007, the option income tax failed when the council could not muster the votes to override a commissioners veto.


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