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Rep. VanDenburgh Says Husband is Victim of ID Theft

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May 19, 2014—State Representative Shelli VanDenburgh of Crown Point says it is important for Hoosiers to know that identity theft can happen to almost anyone, including a state representative and her family. VanDenburgh announced Monday that her husband was recently a victim of identity theft after his ID information was stolen. In the same press release, issued Monday, VanDenburgh also described speaking to someone over the phone who identified themselves as a computer technician and attempted to obtain account passwords from her. “He said my computer had become infected with a virus and needed me to turn it on. The man was very persistent.” VanDenburgh said. “When pressed, he even provided me with a toll-free number to call to confirm he was from Microsoft. He also gave me a Bloomington address from which he said he was calling. The truth is Microsoft officials would never call and insist they needed you to turn your computer on. Unfortunately, scammers use throw-away cell phones, so they are extremely difficult to trace.

The Indiana Attorney General reminds consumers that any unsolicited caller who asks for personal information should be treated as potentially fraudulent.

VanDenburgh reminds anyone who believes they may have been targeted by a scam to file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General’s office.




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