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Reinventing Yourself Before Retiring

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At an age when most veteran workers are eyeing retirement and ramping down their office duties, more seniors than ever are reinventing themselves.  Not only to stay employed in an ageless global workforce, but also to remain vibrant, productive and in demand.

Call them 21st century innovators. Call them 20th century survivors. Call them the new face of mature entrepreneurs. Collectively, they’ve learned how to transform their old-school careers by remembering the three R’s: Relearning new skills, recharging young spirits and renovating wrinkled identities.

On today’s jam-packed show, Jerry talks with two NWI entrepreneurs who had to reinvent themselves after getting laid off from their long-time jobs and familiar careers. They’ll tell us HOW they pulled it off and offer advice to others in their old shoes.

And Jerry chats with an organizer of tonight’s “Leaders as Heroes” event at the Avalon in Merrillville, hosted by the South Shore Leadership Center and honoring several “unsung heroes/leaders” from NWI, one of the largest leadership recognition events in the region, putting a spotlight on those who are working to better Northwest Indiana’s quality of life. Out of the 11 finalists, there will be 6 award winners and Jerry sees if we can get a hint of who they are.

Also, what’s it like to go door to door, house to house and potential customer to customer – not selling vacuum cleaners or girl scout cookies – but as a financial advisor. Mike Palella from Edward Jones recently rang MY door bell for new business and I came away impressed with his work ethic and sales pitch. It turns out that such an old-school sales tactic is part of his company’s culture and he’ll tell us why later in the show.


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