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Regionally Speaking February 16th, 2015

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On today’s show, recent increases in ISTEP testing duration has some parents opting their students out of the test. Local mother, Sarah Hudson, talks about opting her child out of ISTEP. Also, Gary’s former mayor, Scott King, talks about Gary’s 15 year old gun lawsuit against a gun manufacturers. Gary believes they should be held accountable for some of the violence going on in the town. ┬áThen, Darly Lampkins, General manager at Gary Public Transportation Corp., comes to talk with Teresa Torres, part of Everyone Counts group, about recent lobbying for expanding more local transportation. Finally, Steve goes back to an interview from last week with Tom Dermody about an update with recent casino bills moving in the general assembly.


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  1. Resa Woodruff says:

    Parents you have a CHOICE. OPT OUT!! Let me ask you do you think reducing the length of these high-stakes standardized tests is going to take away from the fact that these test are still unethical? These tests are harming our children, teachers, schools, the whole community. Are you okay allowing your child to participate in these high-stakes tests? Remember YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE

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