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Bennett Resigns…Pelath Calls For Review

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August 1, 2013…

A Harvard professor looks at upward mobility in the Midwest and around the nation.

Some states are looking at racial impact as one criterion for new laws. Could Indiana become one of them?

Former Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett has resigned today from his post as the top education official in Florida. This comes after emails surfaced which have the former Indiana Super pushing staff to change the state’s A through F grading system to favor a charter school run by a major GOP donor. We talk with a national analyst who looked at just how the Department of Education reworked the numbers under Tony Bennett. And House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath calls for a review of the case.

Guests Include:

Anne Hyslop – policy analyst with New America’s Education Policy Program

Scott Pelath – Democratic State Rep. from 9th District. Minority leader of Indiana’s House of Representatives.



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