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Sen. Coats: Still Time For A Grand Bargain

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July 31, 2013 – Sen. Dan Coats believes there is still time to reach a grand bargain to avoid a government shutdown. He is part of a small group of GOP lawmakers meeting behind the scenes with the President’s top advisers. How close are they? The answer is: Not very.

We’ll also take a look at the potential for a Wind Power Compact to improve the electric grid in the Midwest.

Before that, the City of Gary is asking the Governor’s office to for help from the Indiana State Police. The We have a panel of experts local law enforcement to look at what’s happening in Gary and some of the things they’re doing to work together on crime issues in Gary and round northwest Indiana.

Guests Include:

Dan Coats – Indiana Republican U.S. Senator

Wade Ingram – Police Chief of Gary, Indiana

Mark Becker – Police Chief of East Chicago, Indiana


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