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City Of Gary Asking For Pence’s Help

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July 24, 2013 – The city of Gary is asking for help from Gov. Mike Pence and the Indiana State Police to help with a recent spike in violent crime. We’ll talk to the mayor.

Are we prepared for a major disaster in NWI? We’ll talk to the organizers of a three state forum which looks at the how the area should work together in the aftermath of a major catastrophe.

The Humane Society is also calling for more training in the wake of last week’s shooting of two dogs by Crown Point police.

A new study rates how easy it is to move up the economic ladder in each area of the country. The Midwest and northwest Indiana are no longer the engine of upward mobility they once were. We’ll talk to a Harvard economist about his work.

Guests Include:

Karen Freeman Wilson – Mayor of Gary, Indiana



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