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Region Manages Snowfall, Ready for More

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January 2, 2014 by Hilary Powell

Residents of Northwest Indiana are using various strategies to deal with winter weather.  Hoosiers have been preparing themselves for the cold and snowy weather coming their way.  The area snow is scenic, but it requires extra caution to do daily activities safely.

In Valparaiso, some residents such as Joshua Marshall are grabbing groceries during a pause in the flurries, “Just the usual stuff: bread, milk, soup.  I always bring soup with me to work.”

Marshall says he works for the Canadian National Railway in this wintry weather.  He says the key to keeping warm is lots of layers, “Bib, overalls and a real big, thick coat. Carhartts, long underwear, I usually wear two pairs of gloves when I’m outside. If you keep moving around it is not too bad. When I’m standing still, then it gets really cold. You keep the blood moving, it’s not as bad.”

Though residents are shoveling now, the National Weather Service predicts more snow will pile up tonight.  Forecasters say the Region can expect another three to five inches.

The weather is sure to keep snow plows busy salting slick streets.

Safety officials are warning motorists to be safe in many ways. The Indiana Department of Transportation said today it had 139 trucks plowing area roadways.

In downtown Valparaiso, resident David Mack says he is accustomed to blustery winds and brr-inducing temperatures, “Well, this hasn’t been the worst we’ve had in terms of snow.  It seems like we kind of lucked out over New Years.  I think the heavy stuff stayed north.  That is fine with me.  That saves some work on the back, you know, clearing the drive.”

Forecasters also caution of blowing snow and sub-zero temperatures to come. INDOT officials say, for now, they’d rather see residents in their homes and off the roads.


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