Reaction Mixed To Common Core Agreement

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Opponents of nationally-crafted academic standards called the Common Core scored a victory at the statehouse yesterday (Thursday).  But as StateImpact Indiana’s Kyle Stokes reports, proponents of the standards say General Assembly members sent a bad message.

Lawmakers met in conference committee to reconcile the House and Senate versions of a lengthy piece of education legislation.  When they emerged, language halting implementation of the Common Core in Indiana schools pending a legislative review… were still in the bill.
Tuttle: “I think it’s the will of the people.”
Erin Tuttle is a leader of the advocacy group Hoosiers Against Common Core.  She says she was pleased with the bill — including a portion that even precludes Indiana from using nationally-crafted exams tied to the Common Core until 2016:
Tuttle: “Teachers and schools are all judged based on how their students do on that test. So, for us, maintaining local control over that process was very important.”
Senator Scott Schneider, who authored the original Common Core “pause” proposal, says he’d be fine with state education officials ultimately adopting the nationally-crafted standards —he just says they deserve a public hearing and a fiscal impact study first.  But Common Core advocate Justin Ohlemiller of the group Stand for Children Indiana says Schneider’s proposal creates uncertainty:
Ohlemiller: “What you’re really doing is putting these standards up for failure even if there’s a decision made to continue.” (6)
But another proponent of the standards — the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Derek Redelman — points out Schneider’s earliest proposal would’ve pulled Indiana out of the Common Core altogether.  This bill?
Redelman: “It leaves a door open that a lot of previous proposals this session did not. So, am I happy? Absolutely not. Do I think it’s an absolute disaster? Probably not either.” (15)
For StateImpact Indiana, I’m Kyle Stokes.



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