This American Land

  • AirsTuesdays @ 10:30PM on Lakeshore Public Television

THIS AMERICAN LAND is produced by Environment News Trust (ENT), a nonprofit news venture which has produced and distributed hundreds of environmental news stories for an international broadcast and Internet audience since 2004. ENT was founded by award-winning television correspondent Gary Strieker, who reported for 20 years with CNN as a bureau chief and international environment correspondent. Gary is the executive producer of THIS AMERICAN LAND.

There is a critical need for more public awareness and informed debate about serious issues that affect America’s landscapes, waters and wildlife – habitat loss and endangered species, threats to public lands, climate change, air and water quality, hazardous wastes, and unsustainable growth. ENT is dedicated to its role in producing broadcast-quality video journalism that responds to this need.

THIS AMERICAN LAND is presented with fair and accurate reporting, strong central personalities, and an active, enthusiastic style. Each episode includes timely, engaging stories that are widely unreported on mainstream television news.


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