Classical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique

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Classical Stretch – The Esmonde Technique is an effective total body workout developed ten years ago by Miranda Esmonde-White. It is an original combination of scientific formulas and graceful movements that unlock uncomfortably rigid muscles leaving the participant with a more flexible, relaxed and strengthened body. The exercises reach deeply into muscles and ligaments not normally worked in the average fitness program and are set in routines that release tight muscles one by one.

The results come quickly – not over years, but in a matter of minutes. Increased flexibility is enjoyed instantly. The results of following Classical Stretch three times per week leaves the participant with improved posture, increased energy, a slenderized body, the relief of aches and pains, and a general feeling of well being. This unlocking of the muscles creates the leaner look, giving the participant back the body they were meant to have before locking it up in the sedentary and stressful lifestyle of the 21st Century. The core principles of this program are what make the results so successful.


Core Priniciples:

It is a combination of dynamically sequenced stretching plus Esmonde-White’s research and knowledge of specific exercises that will give you a longer and leaner body. ·It takes the PNF concept to another level -gently freeing the body to a level of flexibility that most people never imagined they could achieve. ·It plays with the concepts of agonist / antagonist and joint rotation to speed the rate of elongation and strengthening which results in a leaner looking body. ·It focuses on spinal rotation and joint alignment, liberating the back from pain and improving posture.



  1. Thinner arms and thighs – many have lost up to 3 inches around their bums!
  2. Flattened and more defined tummies
  3. Decreased stress levels
  4. Reversal of osteoporosis
  5. Dramatic improvement of posture
  6. Healing of lower back, knee and shoulder injuries/pains


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