Built to Last

  • AirsSaturdays @ 9:00am on Lakeshore Public Television

In today’s building world, green is the new “it” thing, but what does it mean to go green?  For some it means choosing products made from sustainable and renewable sources.  To others, it may mean filling their homes with natural, non-toxic materials to insure a safe living environment.    Another perspective focuses on becoming more energy efficient, conserving water, and reducing pollution to protect our resources for future generations.  The answer to going green is simple; it’s a combination of them all.

BUILT TO LAST: THE GREEN HOME®is a thirteen episode home improvement series about building a gorgeous family home that is healthier, more energy efficient and better for the environment and the pocketbook. The television series spends thirteen episodes documenting real carpenters and contractors working together to build a mid-range family home in the Chicago suburbs that strives to meet the highest standards in green construction, giving viewers an in-depth look at what it takes to construct a green home that is built to last.
          FACT:  Green construction and green building practices are becoming more common in the U.S. and around the world as homeowners realize that the long-term benefits of proper planning and execution of green building practices outweigh initial up-front cost increases. 

The purpose of the series is to showcase energy efficient and sustainable methods and materials to be used in the construction of a home that is in the median range (cost-wise) for its location.    The result will be a home that generally looks the same as a similiar house in a neighborhood on the outside, but will reduce its carbon footprint while incurring significant energy savings throughout its lifetime.


In BUILT TO LAST: THE GREEN HOME®, the approach is simple: design, plan and build a mid-range family home in the Chicago suburbs that strives to meet the highest standards in green construction while meeting a budget comparable to a traditional home.  The show will follow real working carpenters and contractors as they do their jobs.  There are no celebrities and no fancy designers who swoop in and swing a hammer before whisking away to their trailers!  These are everyday tradesman challenged to build a home to the highest quality standards, working together every step of the way to insure ever part is built right and built to last!

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From the initial blueprint to the final nail, viewers will see what it takes to build a quality, new home construction that is committed to environmentally sound planning while keeping to a tight deadline and a realistic budget.  Viewers will be faced with the realities of the processes involved while seeing some of the newest green building techniques and products (some of these products may be shown on television for the first time).  For anyone considering building or even remodeling a home, BUILT TO LAST: THE GREEN HOME® will change how they approach building a home now and for the future.

Built to Last® is a production of Lakeshore Public Television in association with the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Labor and Management Committee.  Producer/Editors: Paul Nelson and John Paul Biciunas; Executive Producers: Susan A. Shelley and Matt Franklin. Funding provided by The Unico System and Great Northern Lumber.







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