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Lakeshore Public Media to Discontinue Lakeshore Kids Channel in January

lakeshore_kids-copyMERRILLVILLE—Lakeshore Public Media’s TV division, Lakeshore Public Television,  announced today it will be ending its broadcast of its Lakeshore Kids channel as PBS is set to launch its own PBS KIDS channel nationally on January 16, 2017.

Earlier this year, PBS announced that it was going to launch a new 24/7 children’s channel, PBS KIDS.  Provided to local stations, the service would include a branded secondary program stream as well as a live stream for digital platforms and accompanying online games. The 24/7 multiplatform service would make it easy for children to watch their favorite series during primetime and other after-school hours when viewing among families is high.

As the primary PBS affiliate in our area, WTTW has agreed to broadcast the national PBS KIDS channel in the Chicago market.  This new multicast TV channel will be free on over-the-air channel 11-4, Comcast digital channel 368, and RCN channel 39 starting January 16, 2017.

Matt Franklin, Vice President of TV Operations for Lakeshore Public Media recognizes the reason PBS made the move.  “We made the decision back in 2010 to use the opportunities that the digital transition brought us to use this great programming and create our own dedicated children’s channel to serve our community,” Franklin said.    “PBS is synonymous with educational children’s programming, and it’s done with the highest quality.  It makes sense to use that strength in providing content to a national audience.”

Carrie Kuck, Director of Programming and Membership, believes that all three public television stations in the Chicago market – Lakeshore Public Television, WTTW and WYCC – have done a good job differentiating their programming.  “We each bring some of the best content from the public media system to our audiences,” said Kuck.  Lakeshore Public Television will continue to have children’s programming on its main channel throughout several day parts.

“Lakeshore strives to bring programming and outreach events that engage our audience – especially those in Northwest Indiana – where we were created to serve,” said James Muhammad, President and CEO of Lakeshore Public Media.

Lakeshore Public Television will continue to have children’s programming on its main channel throughout several day parts, targeting its Northwest Indiana communities on 56.1.  It also broadcasts a multichannel feed of NHK World on 56.2, offering an English-language global network presented from an Asian perspective.


Lakeshore Public Media provides quality local and original programming that educates, enlightens, and informs. Lakeshore Public Media chooses the best of PBS and other public media providers, broadcasting to millions of homes throughout Northwest Indiana, Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  Lakeshore Public Television broadcasts its main channel over the air on 56, on Comcast on 17 or 21 (HD Channel 239), on RCN Cable on 44, on Dish Network (HD Channel 6320), AT&T U-verse (HD Channel 1056) and DirecTV on 56.  Lakeshore Public Television broadcasts NHK WORLD over the air on 56.2 and on Chicagoland Comcast on 377.