Potential Amtrak Cuts Is Topic Of August 21 Meeting

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August 12, 2013 — Greater Lafayette Commerce is planning a summit August 21st that is designed to discuss the potential loss of an Amtrak passenger route between Indianapolis and Chicago.

The Amtrak “Hoosier State” Indianapolis-to-Chicago passenger route could cease October 1st, if state funding is not secured to preserve the service.  The General Assembly’s current budget approved the Indiana Department of Transportation’s use of discretionary funds to support the “Hoosier State” but INDOT has not committed the monies.

The Indianapolis-to-Chicago route is one of the Midwest’s busiest passenger routes. It carried 37,000 passengers in 2012.  Currently both the “Hoosier State” and the “Cardinal” cover the route, together providing service seven days a week, with stops in Crawfordsville, Dyer, Lafayette and Rensselaer.

If the “Hoosier State” is dropped, the “Cardinal” will be the only train on the route, running from Indianapolis to Chicago on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and from Chicago to Indianapolis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The August 21st Amtrak summit will be held at Faith Community Center,  just east of the I-65/State Road 26 interchange in Lafayette.


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  1. Joe Krause says:

    Good to see you covering this. This is very important for passenger rail in Indiana.
    If we can Save the Hoosier State, then all passenger train advocates in Indiana can finally unite to work for other routes, especially the one through Fort Wayne, badly neglected for years. Now is the time for all Hoosiers to support each and every Amtrak route. This is not about ‘high speed” ; it is about maintaining and improving intercity passenger rail, connectivity to the national system through Chicago. Hoosiers need safe, frequent, reliable, convenient and, if possible, pleasant passenger rail service. Higher speed trains will ONLY be possible if we take these vital incremental steps now. Joe Krause, Lafayette

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