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Portion Of Pence Tax Cut In Senate Budget

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The Indiana Senate budget proposal unveiled Thursday does include an income tax cut…but not nearly as large as Governor Mike Pence proposed.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, Pence says it’s a good start:


Last year, then-congressman Mike Pence made a ten percent income tax cut proposal the centerpiece of his campaign.  But when House Republicans presented their budget earlier this session, Governor Pence’s tax cut was nowhere to be found.  Senate Republicans have added a three percent cut to their budget.  Pence says the Senate proposal shows he and the General Assembly are beginning to come together…but he adds there’s still plenty of negotiation left this session:

 “I welcome the addition of a reduction in personal income taxes to the framework of this budget and I look forward to productive and energetic discussions in the weeks ahead.”

Senate President Pro Tem David Long says the total tax cut package in the Senate budget – including elimination of the state’s inheritance tax, continued reduction of the corporate income tax rate and the three percent personal income tax cut – totals around five hundred million dollars a year in tax relief…roughly equal to Pence’s proposed cut:

 “While not disagreeing with the governor that an income tax cut should be part of the package, we think including other tax cuts as well is a better way to go.”

The proposed budget passed the Appropriations Committee along party lines and now heads to the Senate floor.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.

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