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Porter Regional Hospital Offers 30 Minute E.R. Service Pledge

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February 12th — Porter Regional Hospital and Portage Hospital are making a pledge to patients who need emergency medical treatment. According to a press release from Porter Health Care System, the two locations will be the first in Northwest Indiana to offer a 30 minute Emergency Room (ER) Service Pledge.

The pledge is that a clinical professional will work diligently to initially see each patient within 30 minutes or less of their arrival to begin the evaluation and treatment. When a patient arrives and checks in at the ER, the time is noted. A clinical professional, defined as a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner, will also note the time that the patient receives initial evaluation and treatment to track performance in keeping the pledge. The hospital points out that while lowering wait times for all patients is the goal, the most critical health emergencies will always receive top priority.

“While we are committed to prompt and appropriate care for our ER patients, the 30-Minute ER pledge should not be misinterpreted as an effort to rush patients though the ER,” says Porter Chief Nursing Officer Taffy Arias. “Our process improvements focus on getting ER patients into a treatment room as quickly as possible, enabling our clinical professionals to see a patient and begin diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner.”

Porter Regional Hospital and Portage Hospital’s average ER wait times can be viewed on the hospital’s website at The times are updated every 15 minutes based on a two-hour rolling average.


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