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Porter County Tax Dispute Remedied

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July 29, 2013 — Two large disputing entities in Porter County have a tax assessment records agreement after a hearing in Porter County court.

Porter County and Porter Regional Hospital parted the courthouse Friday on amicable terms after the county assessor sued the hospital for documents to complete an appraisal for the hospital’s new facility.

Attorneys with Johnson and Bell say the two parties came to a compromise. Sharon Stanzione said, “We’re pleased that the county withdrew its subpoena in favor of a reasonable request for documents and we’re looking to working with them in the future.”

Assessor Jon Snyder Says his office is pleased with the outcome, “We’re going to get just about everything we were looking for. We’re going to get some information about the facility and its building plans. We’re going to get some income information from the hospital and our appraiser is confident that he can still do his job professionally and accurately.”

Sharon Stanzione agreed, “We’ve been working all along amicably with the county, and today we finally ironed it out.”

Snyder expects the process to move forward in the next month. “We’ll wait for the documents actually. We hope to get those in 30 days then we’ll get the appraisal from that point. “

In addition to the documents the hospital will pay the County $20,000 toward litigation.

Snyder says, “This is a great day in Porter County. I’m excited. My staff is excited. They’ve worked hard. This is a win for the taxpayers and Porter County.”


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