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Porter County Sheriff to Reopen Section of Jail

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October 24, 2013 — The Porter County Sheriff has been pushing for nearly two years to make some major changes in the jail system.  Tuesday night during the County’s 2014 budget hearing County Council members and Commissioners agreed to allot money to meet some of his request.

Sheriff Dave Lain says the changes will make policing his jail easier, after years of asking for more jailers to reopen the jail’s third pod for inmate space, “The Porter County Jail with 2 of the 3 pods open has roughly 345 beds.  Our average population floats from 430 to 470-something.”

Lieutenant Ryan Taylor with the jail says opening the third pod will reduce stress levels for inmates which in turn will reducing control issues for staff, “Right now we are pretty overcrowded, so as the inmates with the new pod opening up the inmates won’t be stacked up as much.”

Taylor says the Porter County Council and Porter County Commissioners are making jail officers jobs easier with an overdue $1,000 pay raise, “I do think that we are well deserved of it, and I’m glad that they believe that, too, and are giving us raises.”

Lain says, They work very hard, and they become frustrated because they haven’t received a pay raise in a number of years, I think it was 4 years.”

The budget also allows the sheriff to add nine new jailers to his staff and 24-hour nursing care for injured inmates.

By Denise Turner


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