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Porter County Police Standoff: UPDATE

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August 14, 2013 — Porter County law enforcement officers are at the scene of a standoff in Jackson Township today. They are at a house at 363 East County Road 1050 North near Chesterton.

Tonight, Lakeshore’s Sarah Holst is there, and she reports that a robot is going through the house room-by-room, getting no interior response so far. She’ll have more information in “Lakeshore News Tonight” at 10 p.m.

She says the County’s explosive control unit arrived earlier, along with people who appear to be family members of a man in a standoff with police.

She says that Porter County Sheriff Dave Lain says officers were checking reports of a disturbance at the residence, possibly involving Eric Martin, when gunshots were fired. The standoff reportedly started when he resisted police who came to talk with him about possible elder abuse involving his father, who appears to be among the family members at the scene who returned to communicate with his son toward a peaceful resolution to the standoff.

The standoff has caused 1050 North to be blocked by law enforcement officers who advise that the area is a police zone, not an area for sightseers.


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