Porter County Fair Ride Injury Reported

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July 22, 2013 — The Porter County Sheriff’s Department is reporting an injury from a weekend incident at a Porter County Fair ride.

Sergeant Larry LaFlower shared the following report with Lakeshore:

“On 7-20-13 at approximately 11:37 PM, Officers and Medics responded to ride area of the Fair for an unresponsive male subject. A 15 year old male from Hobart was found on the ground outside of the “Starship” ride with people stabilizing his neck. The teenage male was only able to respond to questions with blinking or moving his eyes. The teenager was transported by medics to the hospital. Witnesses stated that the teenager hit his head somehow on the “Starship” ride while it was in motion, and had to be carried off the ride by ride operators.

**I have no further information on the patient’s status.”


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