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Porter County Coroner Warns Pure Heroin Can Be Fatal

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The Porter County Coroner is warning residents about a batch of heroin that has proved fatal for a number of users.  Chuck Harris says the number of heroin deaths in Porter County this year has already exceeded the total number of heroin deaths in all of 2012.

Harris says authorities believe that a batch of heroin that was unevenly mixed by drug producers caused the most recent fatalities.  He says it’s likely that many victims did not realize they were snorting or injecting extremely high purity levels of the drug.

Coroner Harris is advising parents to talk to their children and teenagers about the issue and keep an eye out for drug paraphernalia that might be stashed in a child’s belongings or private room.  He says parents worried their children are already sampling illegal drugs can purchase a drug testing kit through the Porter County Substance Abuse Council for $5.00.  The kits detect heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy.

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Photograph courtesy of: CDC/ Debora Cartagena


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