Porter and Lake County Schools Pledge to help the Community

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September 13, 2013 — Lake and Porter County public elementary schools can win money for performing a few good deeds.  Carpenters Local 1005 and 599 invited 23 school districts to participate in its “Kids Caring for the Community” project. The kindergartners who attend Early Learning Center at George Earle are learning an important lesson. They are learning about caring for the community.

School teacher, Rhonda Crouch says, “Our first service project the students are going to create packages for the soldiers overseas as well as cards and pictures.”  She goes on to say, she even though her students are young they know they are providing help to someone in need.  Crouch says, “They do understand that it helps others. A lot of them have family members or friends in the services and they understand what it’s like to have a family member overseas.

Kindergartners, Olivia and Noah say they believe helping others, helps the world, Olivia says, “Helping the community is the right thing to do.” Noah agrees, he says,  “I like to help others; it makes me feel good.”

The Carpenters Local 1005 and 599 who invited schools to participate in the “Kids Caring for the Community” project are giving 4 winning schools $750 dollar grants.  Schools who participate throughout the year can win up to $1000.

Hobart school teacher, Stefanie Osika says, “Each teacher will probably get some money for books for their classroom libraries and books for the kids to go book shopping and take home during the week.”  The school plans to send more than 300 letters to soldiers next month.  Teachers say the letters will thank soldiers for protecting the country.

Osika says, “I think it’s important for us as teachers to put others first and to install that love of community at an early age.”  The “Caring for the Community” projects will teach children to think of others, a lesson Carpenters Local 1005 and 599 hopes they will always remember.


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