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Portage Stocks Police With Heroin Antidote

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May 29, 2014

Gov. Mike Pence is in Northwest Indiana today to sell his version  of expanding coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  We check with Rep. Charlie Brown for a preview.

Portage Police are soon to be equipped with an antidote for heroin overdoses. It’s the latest round in the fight over this growing problem.

Earlier in the week, Host Steve Walsh talked about concerns over privacy in a new school data collection program in Indiana. Today, we’ll talk to supporters of this first-of-its-kind state programs to track students all the way into the job market.

There was a time when half of Northwest Indiana was in South-Western Michigan. We’ll look at a new effort to draw the boundary lines between the two states.

Guests include:

Charlie Brown, state representative, Gary, Indiana

Troy Williams, Portage Police chief

Jackie Dowd, Special Assistant to the Governor for Career Innovation who is with the Center for Education and Career Innovation.

John R. McNamara, St. Joseph County Surveyor



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