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Port Of Indiana Already A Busy Place

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Industrial and agricultural business will both benefit from some of the first ships to dock at the Port of Indiana Burns Harbor.  The Lakeshore’s Renetta Dubose gives us a glimpse of the start the sale of goods and services on the Great Lakes…..

Renetta:  The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor is open for the 2013 season.  Port Director Rick Heimann says crews have been working for the past week loading and unloading ships with a variety of cargo.  The first vessel in the port arrived last week full of liquid fertilizer.

Rick Heimann: It was carrying about 12 to 13 thousand tons of liquid fertilizer…will go to agricultural communities.

Port workers spent Thursday loading the BBC Kwiatkowski for its sail back to Germany.  The ship will transport the largest conventional crawler crane in the world, which has been used for the last six months on a BP refinery project in Whiting.  Weighing six million pounds … the crane has a lifting capacity of 33 hundred tons … the equivalent of 330 loaded rail cars.  Heimann says industrial transports such as the crane are common … making Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor number-one for carrying steel compared to other U.S. ports on the Great Lakes.

Heimann: We have access to the Atlantic Ocean…38 plates connected to the Inland waterway system.

Heimann says the port works with 28 companies … 19 of which are steel related.  In Portage, Renetta Dubose, Lakeshore News.

Renetta continues her series Friday night on Lakeshore News Tonight, talking with Heimann about the future of the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor.  Please watch her report at 9 p.m.


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