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Police Standoff Now With Missing Man

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August 14, 2013 — The Porter County Sheriff’s Department has law enforcement officers still at the scene of a standoff in Jackson Township tonight.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sergeant Larry LaFlower says they are still looking for a man at 363 East County Road 1050 North near Chesterton after a robot search of the home has not found Eric Martin.

Lakeshore’s Sarah Holst spent the afternoon and evening there, where police are in a standoff with a man whom they approached to investigate a report of elder abuse against his father.

Sarah will have her report on “Lakeshore News Tonight” at 10 p.m.

She says she heard five distinct bangs at the scene around 8 p.m., along with a possible rescue/recovery vehicle. Earlier she saw Porter County’s explosive control unit arrive, along with people who appear to be family members of a man in a standoff with police.

She reported in “Lakeshore News Tonight” at 6 p.m. that Porter County Sheriff Dave Lain says officers were checking reports of a disturbance at the residence, possibly involving Martin, when gunshots were fired, starting a standoff when he resisted police. Police were there to talk with him about his father who, after a trip to the hospital where staff notified authorities, returned to the house to communicate with his son toward a peaceful resolution to the standoff.

The standoff has caused 1050 North to be blocked by law enforcement officers who advise that the area is a police zone, not an area for sightseers.


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  1. Kim Thompson says:

    It was a neighbor, and we watched it all.The officers and teams did a wonderful job. They showed incredible professionalism and patience to end the standoff as safely as possible

  2. Ricky Thompson Jr. says:


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