Police K-9 Training Conference at Burns-Harbor

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Police officers and their K-9 partners from across  the country are learning how to trust one another while saving lives. About 54 service dogs and their handlers performed various training exercises today at the 2013 American police canine association training are learning how to trust one another while saving lives.  Dog handlers and their four-legged partners came from across the nation to the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor to learn how to work together during mock life-and-death situations.

York Regional Police in Toronto, Police Constable Mark Arbour says, “We’ve gone through some exercises that have definitely created a stronger bond we did some boat deployments today, something we’ve never done before.” 

Hobart’s Corporal Simon Gresser says the units which consist of a dog and a police handler are learning how to properly handle helicopter deployments, building searches, tools to take down suspects and much more.

Gresser says, “There’s a lot of different philosophies when it comes to K-9’s, everyone has their own ideas and believes on how K-9 training should go.”

New Haven Police Department K-9 ArmorSergeant Brent Bolinger says, “You get to interact with other handlers, if you’re having a problem with your dog, find out some solutions that they do with their dog to correct the problem.”

Gresser says they are treating today’s exercises like the real deal. They are putting the dogs in the exact extreme and challenging situation they might one-day encounter in the field.  He goes on to say, “Hopefully when they do deploy, live deploy, out on the street, that these dogs are going to go, I remember that and they work through any condition they may come across.”

Arbour says, “So it just helps build on the dog’s confidence, it working on the bond.”  Arbour says it is important to create a successful relationship between the handler and the dog so the dog can react properly during emergencies.  Arbour says, “Everyday’s a new day, we are always learning together, different experiences, today was a totally different experience when you experience new things. There’s always some nerves and we kind of go through together and it definitely works on the bond and the relationship.”

The officers say they believe their dogs handled the tests well and they are confident the canines will successfully complete any mission they encounter whether it’s on water, in a helicopter or on the street.  




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