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Police Investigate Lake Station Student’s “Hit List”

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November 8, 2013 — Lake Station Police are looking for targets of a student whom they are investigating for a “hit list.”

Lake Station Chief of Police Kevin Garber, Sr., says his department is investigating an Edison High School student who has been at the school approximately one month.  According to police other students say that he has created a “hit list” of students’ and teachers’ names.

Garber says police detectives have been identifying students on the list and have been speaking to those students and their parents.  Lake Station Police say the suspect student’s guardian refused to allow him to speak to investigators when they tried to contact him after receiving a complaint last week.

Lake Station’s Police Department says that on October 29, 2013, at approximately 11:00 a.m. its officers were dispatched to Edison regarding a report of threats, where school staff said that on October 24, 2013, two students approached school staff and stated that a 15-year-old student was compiling a “hit list” of names.

Police say the two witnesses stated they saw the list with several students’ and teachers’ names on it. “They stated when other students informed the suspect that he would be in trouble for making such list, he proceeded to cross out ‘hit list’ and wrote ‘reward list.’”

The Department says the witnesses took photos of the “hit list” with their cell phones to show to school administration, and “According to school staff, the suspect was brought in to the office and searched. The suspect admitted to the school staff that he did have a list, but had since thrown it in the garbage. The suspect was then removed from the school pending investigation.”

Chief Garber invites anyone with related information to contact Detective/Sergeant Brian Williams at the Lake Station Police Department at 219-962-1186 or by email at


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