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Police Include Registry Check With Halloween Safety

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October 28, 2013 — Police are asking people to use their regular precautions for Halloween safety while adding another precaution.

This Halloween, the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is urging parents to use online tools to know the identity of registered sex offenders in the area where they plan to trick-or-treat.

An online sex offender registry is available for residents of La Porte County allowing parents to conduct a search prior to trick-or-treating to prevent their children from visiting these homes during door-to-door trick-or-treating.

The United States Department of Justice says 80% of all addresses have at least one sex offender living within one mile.  It also says 45% of sexual assault victims are younger than 12, and 75% of victims know their abuser.

It says more than half of all sexual assaults occur within one mile of the victim’s home.

The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office says there are currently about 190 registered sex offenders residing in La Porte County:  50 of which are Sexually Violent Predators and 59 of which are classified as Offenders Against Children.

Indiana’s sheriffs use OffenderWatch Sex Offender Management System to manage and monitor whereabouts of convicted offenders.  The site can be access through the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office website, which is located at .  Once at the website, information about specific offenders can be obtained by entering  the offender’s name or searching for potential offenders within a specified radius of any address of interest.  Address radiuses of  1/4-mile , 1/2-mile , one and two miles can be checked for potential offenders.

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office says it, “is very pleased to report that since January 1, 2013, nearly 14,300 persons have visited the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office OffenderWatch public website.  The Sheriff’s Office encourages the public to utilize this tool to help insure the safety of children this Halloween season.”


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